MYSTERY – first person, multiple M/F
MEMOIR – on remembering mothers
SUSPENSE – third person, 10 yr-old, twin girls
MYSTERY – first person, F/F, southern accent

ACCENTS & DIALECTS: American Southern, Upper Midwest, New York City

Shelley Phillips is not just a Meryl Streep stunt double who once took a bath with Clint Eastwood on the set of The Bridges of Madison County, helping to bring that story to life! Similarly, she likes to read stories aloud into a microphone from her professional home studio. No bathtub needed. Shelley has worked in both LA and NYC theatre, in award-winning shorts and independent films, and in numerous national television spots. She enjoys narrating stories of Literary Fiction (especially Historical Fiction), Political Thrillers, Suspense, and all the spooky Mysteries. Memoirs are also a natural match for the Midwestern, warm, and intimate qualities of her voice. Shelley’s storytelling welcomes you to pull up a chair, sip on a hot cuppa, and imagine the scenes along with her.